Aaron “Small Hands” Thompson on this week’s Into The Weeds

Welcome to episode 42 of Puff Digital’s Into The Weeds Podcast! 

This week’s guest is musician turned adult film star Aaron “Small Hands” Thompson! Huge thanks to Aaron for being so candid and honest about his industry and career path – it really is a window into a world most people don’t get to see!

Photo By Brent Kore

Photo By Brent Kore

Admittedly, It’s pretty funny that this is the second adult film star during our Hollywood Sessions – the first being Nikki Vicious – but as Efrem said when we were recording, “Hey, it’s Hollywood.”

It’s not often you get to pick a legit porn stars mind, and I guarantee you, there’s a lot more going on up there then you think. 

On top of being a producer, musician and a porn star, Aaron and his wife, adult film mogul Joanna Angel, produce a craft whiskey called Dooms and its fantastic. 

Photo By Brent Kore

Photo By Brent Kore

You can find more about what Small Hands is up to by visiting his instagram @thesmallhands_

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Thanks for listening!!! 

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