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The Story Behind Our Podcast


Puff Digital’s “Into The Weeds” (ITW) Podcast explores it’s subjects discovery of cannabis whether positive, negative, comedic, medical or recreational.  Join musician and advocate Ben Rispin, Medical Cannabis educator Bubba Nicholson and states side co-host Efrem Schulz as they delve into the depths of the cannabis experience with some of the world’s most fascinating users and learn, how they, got Into The Weeds.

Spanning across Puff Digital’s properties, and targeting their massive, growing audience through platforms such as Puff Puff Post, Higher Mentality, and more, ITW is in a unique situation to become a leading authority in digital cannabis education and information.

Into The Weeds

INTO THE WEEDS ( ITW ) is the brainchild of Juno nominated musician, podcast host, producer and cannabis professional, Ben Rispin. Having previously tried to release a weed podcast in 2016 with Skunk Magazine, Ben quickly realized that in an ever changing and evolving cannabis industry, maintaining legacy listening would be near impossible and with the constant flow of new information, past episodes would quickly become irrelevant.

After retooling, rebranding, and re-conceptualizing, INTO THE WEEDS was born. An idea that solves the issues of previous attempts, maintaining past episode relevance, while simultaneously de-stigmatizing what a “cannabis user” is, seemed like something worthy of attempt.

Enter famed punk rocker, and life long friend, Efrem Schulz ( Death By Stereo, Voodoo Glow Skulls ). After hearing the idea, and being heavily connected within the LA music, skate, and cannabis cultures, Efrem began to collaborate on execution. It wasn’t until another of Ben’s life long friends, then Hello Cannabis President, Bubba Nicholson got on board that the group felt they had something to take to pitch. One of the fastest growing weed podcasts around. 

Through happenstance, Ben met the team at Puff Digital who instantly got on board with funding and wanted to take the project to the next level. With a shared goal and focus on education, combating stigma, creating quality original content, while simultaneously maintaining an unbiased platform, the perfect production team was formed to take aim on exploring what made some of the world’s most interesting cannabis advocates, enthusiasts and allies, get into the weeds.

Behind The Mic

Ben Rispin

Ben Rispin

Show Host

Ben Rispin is a critically acclaimed Canadian musician and life long cannabis advocate. Ben has over 20 years of experience in music, events, marketing, management, brand integration, new media and film production. 3 years ago, when Ben was approached to start producing cannabis events, campaigns and initiatives, it was a natural transition for the multi talented producer.

Currently, Ben co-hosts the Mass Nerder Podcast, Puff Digital’s into The Weeds Podcast, and fronts the psychedelic hardcore outfit Rules. Since late 2017, Ben has been spearheading the Goodbye Opioids campaign for Hello Cannabis which has garnered interest from domestic and international partners alike.

Bubba Nicholson

Show Host

Bubba Nicholson is the former President of Hello Cannabis, and now the channel manager of Thrive Cannabis.  Previous to his work in the Cannabis space, Bubba spent several years helping build the US Movember grass roots campaign as community director, in the movements infancy.  By pulling from his 20 years of experience in Experiential Marketing and Development in the Alcohol industry, Bubba was able help propel the campaigns growth astronomically in the US market. After a recent debilitating accident which left him walking with a cane for 6 months.

Bubba has seen, first hand the power of Cannabis and its ability to help not only as a 1st line therapy, but also as an exit to Opioid addiction. His experiences have helped him formulate a very unique, patient centric & holistic approach to patient care.

bubba nicholson
Efrem shulz

Efrem Schulz

Show Host

Efrem “The Bean” Schulz is an American of Mexican descent singer, best known for his work with Death By Stereo, Voodoo Glow Skulls, and Manic Hispanic. The LA based musical Jack of all trades has decades of experience in production, tour managing, marketing, events, and film.