Clint Younge and Company X Launch Mental Health Organization

Famed global cannabis and mental health advocate turned president of Switzerland’s Company X, Clint Younge, released a statement via Facebook announcing plans to launch a mental health organization called Far From Home. While still operating in Canada, Younge advocated for patient access to cannabis and challenged the stigma of mental health.

Younge’s previous attempt at a mental health organization, the LOST Organization was based out of Hamilton, Ontario. He had partnered with organization founder, Rebecca Taube. While the LOST Organization was a huge community success, it ultimately lost funding when Younge parted ways with MMJ Canada. With Younge’s guidance, MMJ pushed the political needle for cannabis and mental health awareness through relentless challenges to government legislation.

Clint Younge has since left Canada and is taking his personal mission to a much wider audience. Younge and his partners formed Swiss-based CBD conglomerate, Company X, making great strides across the EU. The move positioned Younge and Company X as global leaders, furthering their interests in Asia and Canada through multiple strategic partnerships.

Younge’s statement, which also revealed the organization’s new logo, went on to read:

“Excited to announce that the logo is finally completed for my mental health initiative Far From Home, it took awhile for me to come up with this as I didn’t want to rush it because it means so much to me.”

Far From Home Mental Wellness Organization

Sebastien Naville, Company X partner and chief relations officer, was named organization president.

“I have placed it under the umbrella of Company X. When I met with my team I told them it was a mandate that I give back to mental health. Everyone agreed and was actually excited to help me on this, especially Sebastien. I decided to make Sebastien my President of Far From Home because he has been through his own struggles.”

Younge then went on to describe who we might see contributing to the future of Far From Home.

“The rest of the board will be musicians, pro athletes, doctors and one special celebrity who reached out when he heard what I wanted to do.”

No mention yet as to who the surprise celebrity will be. We can expect to hear more announcements in the weeks to come before Far From Home launches in June.

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