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ITW:S1E24 – Kenda Legaspi – The Creepshow

Ben, Bubba & Efrem sit with Kenda Legaspi, singer of The Creepshow at Halo Studios in the heart of Hamilton, Ontario, which is quickly becoming East Coast Canada’s Cannabis Mecca, and chat her career in music, life, what makes us laugh when we’re high, and how Kenda got into the weeds. Find Kenda on Instagram...

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ITW:S1E23 – Anthony “Rumble” Johnson – UFC / Competitive Body Development

ITW: S1E23 – UFC legend Anthony “Rumble” Johnson joins Ben & Bubba at a lodge in Canada to chat humble beginnings, how he became a professional fighter, his post UFC career with his company Competitive Body Development and of course, how Rumble got into the weeds. Follow Anthony online @anthony_rumble  

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ITW:S1E22 – Scott Belton – Up Cannabis #UpInTheSquare

On day 3 of Up Cannabis’ #UpintheSquare event Ben, Bubbs and Efrem are joined by Scott Belton, who over see’s all of Up Cannabis’ grow and production. The group discuss the science of growing cannabis, what it’s like working with the Tragically Hip and of course, how Scott got into the weeds.

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ITW:S1E21 – Jon Harvey – Monster Truck – #UpInTheSquare

ITW:S1E21 – Jon Harvey of the Juno Award winning ( plus nominated again this year ) rock band Monster Truck joins Ben, Bubba and Efrem in the heart of Toronto, Ontario at Yonge and Dundas Square on Day 2 of Up Cannabis’ #UpInTheSquare event. Jon talks his musical up bringing, the current state of music...

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ITW:S1E20 – Rick Jackett – Finger Eleven / Jackie Blackett Jr – #UpInTheSquare

ITW: S1E20 – Ben, Bubbs, and Efrem are joined live at Yonge and Dundas Square by Finger Eleven / Blackie Jackett Jr guitarist, Rick Jackett. During Up Cannabis’ #UpAtTheSquare event, recorded one-week before legalization in Canada, Rick discusses a lifetime in music and how he got into the weeds.

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ITW:S1E19 – Terry Line – Kanata Earth

ITW:S1E19 – Canadian Pot Zcar, Terry Line, formerly of The Green Organic Dutchman ( T-God ) joins Ben, Bubba and Efrem in Las Vegas to discuss his new company, Kanata Earth, and how he got into the weeds.

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