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ITW:S1E45 – Ruben Rivera – Manic Hispanic #TheHollywoodSessions

Ben & Efrem chat with Ruben Rivera – one of Efrem’s personal heroes, and drummer of Manic Hispanic. Ruben discusses his prolific musical career...

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ITW:S1E44 – Al Harrington NBA / Viola Extracts – #HollywoodSessions

Ben and Efrem sit with NBA Superstar Al Harrington and discuss his cannabis company Viola Extracts (named after his grandmother), his part in promoting...

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ITW:S1E43 – Opie Ortiz – Long Beach Dub Allstars #HollywoodSessions

Ben and Efrem visit Programme Skate shop in Orange County and chat with Opie Ortiz of Long Beach Dub Allstars about getting arrested in...

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ITW:S1E42 – Aaron “Small Hands” Thompson – Burning Angel #HollywoodSessions

Ben & Efrem sit with adult film star, producer, musician and Whiskey maker, Aaron “Small Hands” Thompson and learn how he got into the...

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ITW:S1E41 – Tommy Chong – Part Two #HollywoodSessions

PART TWO of our interview with cannabis & comedy legend Tommy Chong. Tommy tells Efrem and Ben about sharing a prison cell with the...

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ITW:S1E40 – Tommy Chong – Part One #HollywoodSessions

ITW:S1E40 – Tommy Chong – Part One #HollywoodSessions Ben & Efrem sit with cannabis & comedy legend Tommy Chong and find out how he...

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