ITW:S1E60 – Al Nolan – Almighty Trigger Happy – Part 1 – #BongMansion

On episode 60 of Puff Digital’s Into The Weeds Podcast Bubba, Efrem and Ben sit down for part one of their two-part interview with legendary Toronto punk rocker, Al Nolan. In part one, the group discusses Al’s family, his formative punk years, the formation of Trigger Happy, and how Al got into the weeds

The guys in Trigger Happy would also like to invite you to their holiday bash happening Dec 20th at the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto

You can find Al on Instagram @alnineleven, and  Trigger Happy at @atriggerhappy

Al Nolan Almighty Trigger Happy

You can find Efrem on Instagram at @efbystereo, you can find Bubbs @bubbanicholson, and you can find Ben @benrispin

Thanks for listening !

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