Puff Digital’s Into The Weeds Podcast launches “The Hollywood Sessions” & Cannabis Infused Cooking Show, “Eat Up”

Tommy Chong, NBA All Star Al Harrington, Mellow Man Ace, Greg Hetson of Bad Religion, Hollywood Undead, Dan Jacobs of Atreyu & UFC’s Ashlee Evans Smith round out an impressive line up for Cannabis podcast’s “Hollywood Sessions”.

Tommy Chong

Ben Rispin and Efrem Martinez Shulz, host Puff Digital’s Into The Weeds “Hollywood Sessions”, pose for a photo with Tommy Chong – (Photo By Brent Kore)

Hollywood, California

Puff Digital’s Into The Weeds Podcast has recently launched “The Hollywood Sessions”, a follow up to their acclaimed Venice Sessions, recorded in September of 2018. The Toronto / Los Angeles based podcast created by known cannabis advocate, acclaimed Canadian musician and Puff Digital Creative Director; Ben Rispin, along with co-hosts, prolific LA based punk front man Efrem Martinez Shulz (Death By Stereo, Voodoo Glow Skulls) and regulated cannabis market expert, Bubba Nicholson, debuted in October 2018 with strong numbers and quickly began building an audience. ITW’s buzz was due in large part to the well curated, eclectic nature of their guests like Money Mark of Beastie Boys, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Gianni Luminatti of Walk Off The Earth, legendary BMX Pro Rick Thorne, famed photographer Ophelia Chong, as well as the inclusion of corporate giants like Adam Garone formerly of Movember, and Clint Younge, founder of Switzerland’s Company X. A variety of guests sharing their stories in an effort to destigmatized what a cannabis user may look like, helped to build a foundation that quickly drew curious listeners.


Puff Digital’s Into The Weed’s hosts Bubba Nicholson, Ben Rispin and Efrem Shulz with Mathew Gerson of Foria – (Photo by Patrick Coppolino)



Gianni Luminati of Walk On The Earth makes Ben Ripsin laugh uncontrollably on Puff Digtial’s Into The Weeds Podcast – (Photo By Patric Coppolino)

Into The Weeds, or ITW for short, is described by Puff Digital, the creative agency behind the podcast, as “elevated cannabis content”, due to its stylistic approach and lack of visual cannabis consumption. ITW’s long form interview format extracts human, relatable stories of how it’s guests discovered cannabis no matter the scenario. The end result is legacy listening that holds a longer shelf life than topical cannabis content which can be difficult to produce in an ever evolving legislative landscape.

Ben Rispin, Efrem Schulz and Tommy Chong

Efrem Martinez Shulz, Tommy Chong and Ben Rispin during The Hollywood Sessions – (Photo By Brent Kore)

ITW’s Hollywood Sessions will have a bit of a different look from previous episodes as co-host Bubba Nicholson was forced to leave shooting early due to a recurring back injury. Ironically, Nicholson’s back issues are what re-focused him on cannabis while combating opioid withdrawal post spinal surgery in 2017.

Greg Hetson

Greg Hetson of Circle Jerks / Bad Religion chats with Ben Rispin and Efrem Martinez Shulz – (Photo by Brent Kore)

“It was heartbreaking watching Bubbs leave only two days into the session.” Said Rispin, “His contributions will definitely be missed over the weeks to come.” he continued, “Bubbs has a big heart and it often shines through from episode to episode. Thankfully, our show is guest focused, so Efrem and I pulled off the Hollywood Sessions with just a bit of getting used to.” Rispin stated. “We found a rhythm, but Bubbs will be back in the fall. Bubbs is one of the toughest dudes I know. He’s focusing on getting healthy.”

Nikki Vicious

Shulz, transgender adult film star Nikki Vicious, Nicholson and Rispin during The Hollywood Sessions  (Episode available now) – (Photo By Brent Kore)

Fans missing Nicholson can see him hosting a new ITW / Up Cannabis spin off series titled, “Eat Up”, a cannabis infused cooking show co-hosted by sought after Toronto based Chef, Chris Brown. The show will also feature Shulz and Rispin joining in, helping to curate interesting dinner company with each course of the meal focusing on a different guest. Eat Up’s pilot episode, featuring legendary hip-hop pioneer Michie Mee, Walk Off The Earth’s Gianni Luminatti, and inspirational street performer TK Entertainer, was produced by Canadian Licensed Producer Up Cannabis, whose strategic partners and shareholders include Canadian rockers The Tragically Hip. Those interested can find Eat Up exclusively on The UPside a brand new subscription based media platform celebrating Canadian Cannabis culture launching May 2019. You can find more by visiting www.exploretheupside.ca


Chris Brown

Eat Up hosts Chef Chris Brown and Bubba Nicholson are quick to problem solve on Eat Up – (Still courtesy of Up Cannabis)


Michi Mee

Efrem Martinez Shulz, Hip-Hop Legend Michi Mee and Bubba Nicholson on Eat Up – (Photo courtesy of Up Cannabis)

For now, Puff Digital’s Into The Weeds Podcast continues uninterrupted having accumulated a whopping 18 episodes exploring cannabis culture in Southern California. Guests of ITW’s Hollywood Sessions include Tommy Chong, NBA All Star Al Harrington, legendary Hip Hop Artist Mellow Man Ace, UFC fighter Ashlee Evans-Smith, legendary cannabis advocate Eddy Lepp, J-Dog & Funny Man of Hollywood Undead, Dan Jacobs of Atreyu, Greg Hetson of Bad Religion, Comedian Ally Beardsley of College Humor, adult film star Aaron Smallhands, Pro-Skater Derek Fukuhara, Jon Cappetta of High Times Magazine Opie Ortiz of Long Beach Dub All Stars and more.

Ben Rispin and Efrem Shulz

Ben Rispin and Efrem Martinez Shulz host The Hollywood Sessions on Puff Digital’s Into The Weeds Podcast – (Photo By Brent Kore)

Puff Digital’s Into The Weeds Podcast can be heard on all major platforms or by visiting www.getintotheweeds.com where new episodes are posted every Monday morning.

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