Road Trip to the Indigenous Cannabis Cup – May 31st


– June 2nd, 2019

crew of homies

Bubba took a crew of homies out to Tyendinaga Native Reserve to check out The Indigenous Cannabis Cup. We asked him to blog about it.

One of my favorite things to do as of late, has been to grab Mr. Gilbert Wrinklesworth, hop in the car and make the 3hr journey down through Prince Edward County to the Beautiful Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

Mr.Gilbert Wrinklesworth

Mr.Gilbert Wrinklesworth

The stores, selection and people are absolutely wonderful, and it’s amazing to see the variety of  products available on the grey market.   As of Oct 17, 2018 Maclean’s Magazine had claimed that there were around 40 “pot shops” on the Territory.

This last trip was a special one, as one of the more popular shops on the Territory (Smoke Signals) were hosting the 2nd Annual Indigenous Cannabis Cup.  I was out of town last year for this event, so you can imagine how stoked I was to hop in the whip and get down there.  It didn’t take much convincing and Gilbert & I had our good friends @luke.Kinmond and @Jaysimpleton saddled up with us.

weed weight

The $20.00 entry fee was well worth its weight in weed, as we were handed a beautiful 1g PRD on the way in from the good folks from Medicine Wheel Natural Healing, and continued to receive samples and discounts all throughout the afternoon.

There was a robust selection of products all through the market, with everything from bath bombs to bongs and intricate confectionary to clones.


I had so many highlights to the day, but one was obviously the insane amount of hash that was up for grabs at great prices, bringing me back to my youth.


With live music on stage all day there was no lack of entertainment. After exploring the show for a couple hours, our little crew moved on to tour some of our favorite shops on the Territory, starting with the good folks at The Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market. Always a wide selection of extracts, edibles, hash accessories, and a wall full of flower. It’s a treat to visit legend Joshua Lewis-Brant who you may remember as Canadian Hero, The Bong Ninja.

The Bong Ninja - Photo Courtesy Bubba Nicholson

The Bong Ninja – Photo Courtesy Bubba Nicholson

We popped by to peruse some of the other hotspots such as Legacy 420, Mohawk Medicinal & Peace Maker 420.

Then it was off to go surprise our dear friend Cheneylle at the @DrakeDevonshire for a quick bite and a relaxing chill by the lake. The surprise was on us, Cheneylle wasn’t there, but the service and food was as wonderful as always.

Bubba Nicholson

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