ITW:S1E21 – Jon Harvey – Monster Truck – #UpInTheSquare

ITW:S1E21 – Jon Harvey of the Juno Award winning ( plus nominated again this year ) rock band Monster Truck joins Ben, Bubba and Efrem in the heart of Toronto, Ontario at Yonge and Dundas Square on Day 2 of Up Cannabis’ #UpInTheSquare event. Jon talks his musical up bringing, the current state of music and how he got into the weeds.

ITW:S1E20 – Rick Jackett – Finger Eleven / Jackie Blackett Jr – #UpInTheSquare

ITW: S1E20 – Ben, Bubbs, and Efrem are joined live at Yonge and Dundas Square by Finger Eleven / Blackie Jackett Jr guitarist, Rick Jackett. During Up Cannabis’ #UpAtTheSquare event, recorded one-week before legalization in Canada, Rick discusses a lifetime in music and how he got into the weeds.

ITW:S1E19 – Terry Line – Kanata Earth

ITW:S1E19 – Canadian Pot Zcar, Terry Line, formerly of The Green Organic Dutchman ( T-God ) joins Ben, Bubba and Efrem in Las Vegas to discuss his new company, Kanata Earth, and how he got into the weeds.

ITW:S1E18 – Sen Dog – Cypress Hill / Powerflo

ITW:S1E18 – Ben, Bubba & Efrem sit down with Sen Dog of Cypress Hill / Powerflo at MJ Bizcon Las Vegas and discuss Sen Dog’s musical roots, how Cypress Hill was formed and how Sen got into the weeds.

Find Sen Dog online @sendog

ITW:S1E17 – Riley Cote – Philadelphia Flyers / Athletes For Care

ITW:S1E17 – Ben & Bubba catch up with former Philadelphia Flyers Left winger and enforcer Riley Cote. Riley discusses life after hockey as an advocate, healer, entrepreneur, his non profit organization Athletes For Care and of course, how he got into the weeds.

ITW:S1E16 – Tony Reflex – The Adolescents #VeniceSessions

ITW:S1E16: We bring our #VeniceSessions series to a close with Tony Reflex, front man of legendary LA punk outfit, The Adolescents. This was Tony’s first interview since the passing of guitarist Steve Soto, and we couldn’t be more appreciative to have had some time with him. Please enjoy the story of how Tony Reflex, got into the weeds.

Into The Weeds will return in January 2019. Have a safe and happy Holiday Season.

Follow them on instagram @adolescentsUSA

ITW:S1E15 – Justin Swartz – Pro Surfer – #VeniceSessions

ITW:S1E15 – Pro Surfer, golfer, artist and board shaper, Justin Swartz; discusses life growing up in Venice Beach, being “handi-capable”, and how he got into the weeds.

Follow Justin online at @surfboardsbyjustinswartz

ITW:S1E14 – Heavvy – Comedian #VeniceSessions

ITW:S1E14 – Comedian, producer, promoter, and influencer, Heavvy, tells Ben, Bubba and Efrem how he got into the weeds.

ITW:S1E13: – Rick Thorne – BMX #VeniceSessions

ITW:S1E13 – BMX X-Games champion, host, actor, proud father, and all around great guy, Rick Thorne joins Ben, Bubba and Efrem and shares how he got into the weeds.

ITW:S1E12 – Ophelia Chong – Photographer – #VeniceSessions

ITW:S1E12 – Prolific photographer and founder of staple cannabis institutions such as Stock Pot Images and Asian Americans for Cannabis Education, Ophelia Chong tells Ben, Bubba and Efrem how she got into the weeds.