A Trip to The Dosist in Venice California with Bubba Nicholson

While walking through my old hood over the weekend, I stumbled upon a new retail banner from a brand I knew little about.  I had obviously heard of Dosist from their savvy www.notavailableincanada.com campaign last year, yet really had no idea what separated them from the pack.  I decided to poke my head in and see what all the hubub was about.

I was greeted by a small group of smiling, way hipper than me, 20-somethings at a hostess stand in a side alley beside the 1423 Abbot Kinney location in Venice, California. While I awaited my guide, I was directed to a beautiful back yard patio that looked more like a beach lounge than a waiting room.

The Dosist with Bubba

Display of Two Pen Sizes Available at The Dosist

Most of the time when hitting a dispensary, I try to stay as far away from the staff as possible while I peruse. The ensuing conversations are generally more annoying than informative, and I usually know what I’m looking for.  Not knowing anything about Dosist however, and feeling as though this was going to be an experience from my initial greeting, I gladly sat, hit the old douche flute, and awaited my tour guide.

After a very short wait (5 min or so) I was collected by my guide and led in to the Dosist chamber. It resembled a virgin airlines flight more than a dispensary with the stylish staff, beautiful merchandising and neon back lighting.

My guide (whom I should remember, but let’s be real, I had just hit the pen on the way in) took me through the various typed they had to offer – Arouse, Relief, Passion, Sleep, and Calm – and explained the various percentages of cannabinoids in each recipe.  She then proceeded to get in to the nitty gritty; I learned that the whole Dosist concept is based upon delivering the same precise dose of 2.25mg of active ingredient to the user every time.  They claim to have made this possible through three key features: optimized temperature control, controlled airflow and time control.

Displays at The Dosist

Product Displays at The Dosist

From a Medical Cannabis perspective, and with oils about to become legal in the Canadian regulated market, this intrigued me.  By delivering a consistent, regulated, micro dose each time you take out the guess work on titration.  If they can truly do this, it may get us one step closer to de-stigmatizing cannabis with health care professionals.  Time Magazine has been quoted in the past as saying that the Dosist system may just be “Cannabis that could replace pills”  Either way, the delivery mechanism itself was impressive.  

As conversation continued with my guide, I learned of the 2 sizes offered. They offer a 50 dose pen & 200 dose pen.  I fell prey to the whole experience and grabbed a 50 dose Relief pen (2:1 CBD:THC) & an Arouse (10:1 CBD:THC) on my way out the door.  As far as an overall retail experience, I would rate my experience at Dosist a solid 8.9.  Glamour aside, I never really felt as though I was being pushed to purchase, and the staff were very knowledgeable about the brand, the tech, and their products.  The high price per unit @ $55.00 was quickly forgotten when I realized that 25% of their sales this month supported various California based LGBTQ initiatives such as LA Pride, the San Francisco LGBT Center, San Jose’s Billy DeFrank LGBT Community Center, and San Diego Pride. Find the full list of participating retailers here.  

Poster at The Dosist

“One Device. Two Sizes.” Poster at The Dosist

Personally, I’m not sure if I would purchase the Dosist product again. I appreciate my 1g pens and titrating myself, however the delivery mechanism, and ability to micro dose at a consistent level is a huge win as far as I’m concerned. They make it easy to titrate for the “cannabis naïve” and for people truly looking to medicate.

I’m looking forward for them being able to change the website to www.nowavailableincanada.com

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